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About us  

Shaoxing Lingxing Materials Co., Ltd. is a textile enterprise specializing in the manufacturing and tarde of textile materials (such as flame retardant materials, chemical fibers and cotton yarns), textiles and garments. As a supplier of high-end flame-retarding fabrics, heat insulation fabrics, antibacterial fabrics and warm fabrics, we rank a leading position now in this field of China. At present, Shaoxing Lingxing Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Shaoxing city, enjoying good location and developed logistic system for we are close to national highway 104.

At present, all manufacturing procedures from material purchase→spinning→weaving→printing and dyeing are controlled by senior technicians. As a specialized and independent enterprise in the fields of research, development, manufacturing and trade, our speciality is coming from the specialities of Shaoxing in textile industry. As a licensed import and export enterprise, we now can directly sell our products in the markets of EU and USA, etc.

Our main products: ailina yarns and fabrics, sorina yarns and fabrics, top-grade flame retardant yarns and fabrics (Kanecaron), heat insulation yarns and fabrics, silver-ion antibacterial yarns and fabrics, aramid fiber yarns and fabrics, Cupro yarns and fabrics, top-grade Shirt fabrics, top-grade Antistatic fabrics, top-grade Military fabrics, top-grade special fabrics for working clothes, top-grade fabrics for lady's wear, all cotton, T/C flame retardant fabrics, greige cloths and finished products. We take "the only manufacturer, the provider of newer products, and a supplier of featured products" as business idea. Following market demands, we are devoted to the development of hi-tech fabrics with lighter weight, better warm and environment-friendly effects, and more functions.

Shaoxing Lingxing Materials Co., Ltd. looks forward to your cooperation. We are willing to have business and economic cooperation with customers all over the world! Please call us or send Email to us for more details!

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